Panel Beaters Fairfield

Even minor fender benders with the slightest dents and dings are upsetting. It only gets worse if the accident is more serious. Now you have to call your insurance company. Next you are making arrangements for a rental car. After all that, you are faced with locating a quality auto body shop. Smash repairs, Fairfield area, offer you the range of quality. Your task is to find a shop that gives you fast, guaranteed service and top quality car repairs you can afford.

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Your first action is to bring your car in so we can inspect the extent of body and mechanical damage. Often times there is underlying damage that is not visible. Our specialists will let you know what your car needs to restore it to new condition. Our panel beaters & Painters have extensive experience with minor damage all the way to more complex repairs.

Panel Beaters Fairfield

Panel Beating Process Explained

It’s helpful for you to understand that panel beating is an intensive process. Pierce Body Works uses a wide range of available techniques. What we do with your car depends on the nature of the damage. In many cases we will need to shape panels. You can fully expect a perfect match to the original body contour. We work expertly to produce a completely smooth finish with resurfacing performed if necessary.

One thing you can count on from our professional services is flawless repair that will not be detected.

We may need to perform any of the following procedures and processes to restore your car to original condition.

  • Filling
  • Sanding
  • Planishing
  • Shrinking or stretching
  • Welding
  • Re-alignments
  • Spray painting

We achieve truly impressive results by using stretching and shrinking techniques along with planishing. Anytime a auto panel is dented or dinged, the metal is actually stretched from its original shape. We tackle this situation with expert application of heat followed by a using a shaping hammer. This is a special type of hammer and certainly not the usual kind you are thinking about. But this is just the beginning, and then planishing is another technique for achieving a fine finish.

Think about planishing as a method of fine smoothing and shaping. We use a perfectly matched shaping tool and specialized hammer to finish off the shaping process. Our panel beaters, as they are known, have years of experience in this process. So you can be 100% confident your car is the finest hands in Fairfield.

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This is just the tip of what we do, and you are encouraged to call or visit our facilities. We will explain everything that is needed to make your car look exactly how it did before the mishap. All of your questions will be addressed by our staff of experts. We will examine and assess the extent of damage and proceed as quickly as possible.

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