Panel Beaters Ivanhoe

When your car has suffered damage, all you want is to get it repaired as fast as possible. Not only do you want quick service, but you want the expertise of Pierce Body Works auto repairs. We handle more serious damage repairs, and our results speak for themselves. Our range of service extends beyond panel beating and we even help you with insurance claim processing.

If your auto has sustained damage that has separated metal parts, we will fix it right away and get you back on the road in the shortest time possible. All of our experts are certified and have many years of experience in reinforcing the structural integrity and carrying out necessary repairs on your vehicle to the industry standard.

Whether it’s just a matter of restoring the shape and contour or replacing the damaged parts, we use the right shaping tools and established industry techniques to get the job done. We will inspect your vehicle thoroughly and draw on different methods used by our panel beaters so as to restore your vehicle’s look to its brand new condition. Though auto body repairs can be done by almost anyone, you want experienced craftsmen on this job to ensure perfection.

Panel Beaters Ivanhoe

How We Achieve Unparalleled Results

We apply fillers in a sloppy manner that may bring up the flaws. As the filler putty hardens very fast, we will speed up the process to achieve the best results. When the setting or curing time has passed, we shape and smooth the surface further. If you have got the perfect result, we will proceed with the final touch. Our technicians use refined sanding techniques to smooth out the surface further.

Further smoothing is performed using our refined sanding techniques. These procedures are based on very many years of experience. This is a critical phase of panel beating and repair because this is where our trademark results are achieved. We have to choose the ideal sanding pads according to what is needed.

It is easy for the inexperienced people to choose the wrong procedure to fix your vehicle’s problem. So, it is always the best to go with industry professionals to make your car look and work at its best. Our smash repair procedures that are developed on our experience help us to achieve trademark results.

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You are invited to visit us and see us in action. While you’re here, we can talk about your car and what has happened. There is no need to call ahead unless you want. We need to take a close look at the damage so we can give you our most accurate recommendations.

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