Panel Beaters Fitzroy

Simply put, Pierce Body Works will repair your car and restore damage to an uncanny new look. It will be as if the accident never happened. That is our guiding principle and the way we do business. We also know that we have to earn and keep our excellent reputation every business day.

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We see a variety of damage and its not always due to an accident. Older cars can have rust and general deterioration damage. The worst thing you can do is let this situation continue without attention. If you have any rust on your car, bring it down and we will tell you how we can fix it.

Panel Beaters & Related Auto Repairs with Pierce Body Works

Repairing severely rusted cars may involved cutting out the damage area. This may occur on a panel and this is the most common situation. We also guarantee our repairs. With rust damage, we have to be sure that all of the rust is removed. This is very important and is why we go beyond the rusted area. Our approach is to achieve an overlap with the new metal and existing metal. We also have techniques that will ensure there is no rust migration.

Panel Beaters Fitzroy

That is just the beginning because the restoration process has to be performed. We again will choose the best and most effective technique. Before any painting is done, our panel beaters will not stop until the finish is completely smooth. Since we are professionals, we take a great deal of pride in the fact that our work is known only to you, and us. Your friends and anyone else will never realize there was a problem.

A Glimpse at Our Painting Processes and Practices

Our spray painting process is expertly applied to the repaired area. We only use paints that are weather resistant and will heavily resist any chipping under normal conditions. The key to success with paint restoration is surface preparation. Our materials, to include paint primers, are the highest quality. This directly translates into maximum adhesion of the final top coats of colored paint. Not only will your paint have the ideal surface for adhering, but the finish will be smooth.

Sometimes customers are concerned with their auto damage because they understand that painting will be needed. However, with many panel beating repairs, it is common to need painting performed. We have professional facilities and resources that will ensure a perfect color match. And remember that we guarantee all work done. But be sure to ask us about our guarantee if you visit us.

Panel Beaters Fitzroy: How To Get Started

Our panel beating services and related operations are too extensive to mention here. If your car needs repairs, drive it down to our facility because this is the most effective way to determine what repairs are needed. You will also have an opportunity to see what we do and how we do it. This is a great way to feel confident that your car will be given professional attention.

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