Panel Beaters Ivanhoe

We understand that when your car has suffered damage, all you want is to get it repaired as fast as possible. Your car needs the expertise of Pierce Body Works auto repairs. Not only do you want quick service, but you want the lowest prices for panel beaters in Ivanhoe. Our approach goes beyond smash repairs, we take care of you as well. You receive complete service because we offer support such as helping with insurance claims processing.

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We handle more serious damage repairs, and our results speak for themselves. Just ask any of our customers about us, or better yet, look at their cars. We challenge anyone to find the previously damaged area. That is how confident we are with our repair work. Our range of service extends beyond panel beating and includes repairs as needed to other auto components.

Panel Beaters Ivanhoe: A Peek Under The Hood at What You Can Expect

If your auto has sustained damage that has separated metal parts, our expert welders can easily take care of it. The repair will be reinforced and structural integrity and strength returned. Of course all of our welders and tradesmen are certified and have many years of experience.

Panel Beaters Ivanhoe
We will draw on different methods used by our panel beaters. One example is filling areas using special putty fillers, if needed. Sometimes it’s just a matter of restoring the shape and contour using shaping tools and established industry techniques. If filling is required, then we will prepare the surface and apply a paste that sets very quickly. This can be done by almost anyone, but you want experienced craftsmen on this job.

How We Achieve Unparalleled Results

Fillers can be applied in a sloppy manner that may introduce flaws. In addition, the work must be performed very quickly. This filler putty hardens very fast and it needs to harden in place for best results. When the setting or curing time has passed, then we further shape and smooth the surface. The result is perfection, then we apply the final touches.

Further smoothing is performed using our refined sanding techniques. These procedures are based on very many years of experience. This is a critical phase of panel beating and repair because this is where our trademark results are achieved. We have to choose the ideal sanding pads according to what is needed. It is easy for the inexperienced to choose the wrong procedure whether it is a dry or wet application. Only the most experienced can give you a perfectly re-shaped surface.

You are invited to visit us and see us in action. While you’re here, we can talk about your car and what has happened. There is no need to call ahead unless you want. We need to take a close look at the damage so we can give you our most accurate recommendations.

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