How To Match The Paint Colour Of Your Vehicle?

Looking to repaint your vehicle but unsure of your vehicle paint colour or colour code? Even if it’s a minor scratch or a scuff, it’s going to affect the colour of your vehicle. Luckily, you have paintless dent repair melbourne and paint correction services to match the colour code of your vehicle. When it comes to colour codes, car manufacturers use different variations & it can be a bit difficult to find the colour code to match your vehicle’s colour. Whether you intend to sell your car or want to cover up the scratches of discolouration after a big collision, hire professional paintless dent repair services to help you out. However, if you want to find the vehicle colour code, these are some of the ways you can find it.

Check Your User Manual

Vehicle colour code is not hard to find, you can find out in your manufacturer manual & also direct to find your vehicle’s code. If you can’t find the vehicle code in your user manual or the service history, you can type the vehicle model and know the colour code and paint colour listed for your vehicle model.

Inspect Your Vehicle Information Sticker

Almost, all vehicles have a vehicle information sticker on the vehicle’s boot or near the engine bay. You can check the door jamb or the driver’s seat or the rear wheel.

Check Your Vehicle Information Number

If the vehicle information sticker is faded or you couldn’t find them, look for the vehicle information number. The vehicle information number is an alphanumeric number code specific to your vehicle. A vehicle information number reveals information about your car’s manufacturer, the year its’ made, paint code, registration number, car’s body type, model and much more. You can find these on the vehicle’s dashboard.

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