Terry Coen, Ayrab Pty Ltd

Accidents do happen. It’s a good thing we have Pierce Body Works getting our cars looking like new again.

Cameron McInnon, Commonwealth Bank

The owner and staff of Pierce Body Works are extremely friendly and efficient and a pleasure to do business with. We have a large car fleet and occasionally we have a few accidents and they do our quotations and work on the cars. Their work is always completed within the stated timeframe and is of a high quality, plus their customer service is very good.

Doug Prow, Comdain

Our motor fleet is a critical tool of trade and if a vehicle is off the road as a result of accident, we lose income. Pierce treats all our repairs as a priority because we work seven days a week, so he is available if needed. He is very professional, friendly, has integrity and is honest and transparent in his dealings with us. The quality of his work is excellent as is his customer service.

Terry Knowles

We have a long term relationship with Pierce Body Works. Their work speaks for itself.

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