What Goes Into Professional Panel Beating Process? – Find Out!

If ever you’re involved in a car accident, you will know the importance of car smash repairs and the expense involved. Car Smash Repairs Melbourne can get a bit expensive when there is too much damage. When your vehicle’s body and shape are severely damaged, you will want to restore them to its showroom condition. Whether your vehicle is new or old, if its damaged, panel beating is one of the best options to consider. To ensure you get the best support, hire a reputed smash repairer to get your car back to its original beauty. Generally, panel beaters use several techniques to remove dents & shape panels to match the original colour of the vehicle, then smoothen, re-surface & spray paint the damaged areas.

Re-Alignment Of Car

When a vehicle gets into an accident at a certain speed, its body shape will be damaged & disfigured. It’s why car smash repairers realign the body parts before starting any panel beating work.

Shrinking & Stretching

Once the metal body is re-aligned panel beater stretches the metal body back to its original state by shrinking them. Then they use special heating techniques to reshape the metal body.


The reshaped panels & metal body is then made free from dents & scratches using high-quality auto body filler by a certified panel beater. It enhances the look of the car panels.

Sanding Process

Once the panel is reshaped and is free of dent repair melbourne & scratches, panel beaters use the sanding technique to prep up the metal body for spray painting. This process smoothens the surface & makes your car body panels suitable for painting.

Spray Painting

The last and most impressive repair process is spray painting the car with high-quality & chip-resistant paint. The panel beater will use identical car paint colours to match the colour of your vehicle and ensure all the other repairs go undetected. It also transform s your car back to its original show-room bought condition.

No matter the degree of damage, when you entrust your panel beating requirements to our reputed panel beaters at Pierce Body Works, you are in good hands. To schedule an appointment with us, call 03 9482 4007 today.

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